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Château GRAND ABORD is located in Portets on the left bank of the river Garonne, through the “GRAVES “Appellation area.

The vineyard belongs to the same family since 1720. The surface is about 26 hectares. The name of Château GRAND ABORD is very old. In very early times, the Garonne River flew close to the property and boats used to make a “grand abordage”.

Philippe and Marie france DUGOUA manage the vineyard with modernity and tradition.



The wines of this Vineyard have a good reputation and are sold worldwide. The property is planted on a soil of gravels and limestone. Yield is about 50 hectolitres per hectares. The soil is gravely, varying in thickness, which is the result of the Pyrénees having been eroded by the Garonne for the thousands of years. We control in order to limit spraying (culture raisonnée). It makes better the organoleptic quality of the wine. The cellar is equipped for thermo vinification to extract better tannins and colour. Pebbles, stones and sand contained in these soils have an excellent filtration capacity and a heat storing ability conductive to the maturation of grapes.


The wine ages one year in French oak barrel. It depends of the cellar master tasting.

Our wines

The wine production is Graves Rouge, Graves Blanc, Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur Rouge. Grapes varieties are Merlot 80% and Cabernet Sauvignon 20% for the red wine, Semillon 80% and Sauvignon Blanc 20% for the white wine.

Main labels:

  • Château GRAND ABORD
  • Château BEL-AIR
  • Château LAGARDE

Last distinctions